About Julie

Hi, I’m Julie Donaldson and I’m a full-time, female, British Voiceover Artist based in the North East of England.

People always ask me how I ended up in this job and I always say that it was a natural progression from childhood funny girl to BBC radio broadcaster – with plenty of amateur dramatics in between.

I’ve been an Eastern European fortune teller, a ghostly old lady for a project in Russia, The Emperor of the Universe for a cartoon in Canada and much closer to home, I’m the voice of an animated yellow Geordie cow called Ermintrude! So location is not a hindrance.

Although characters and accents are a speciality, I also provide straight commercial reads for telephone prompts/Auto Attendant, radio adverts, narration and eLearning.

Have a listen to my various demos and if there’s something you’d like to hear, that isn’t already there – give me a call to request a bespoke demo. If you’d like to discuss your voiceover project further and see how I can help you – call me on 07599279490 or email Julie@outspokenvoiceover.com.

Commercial Voiceover Demo

Character Voiceover Demo